Welcome to the SnOzarks

I think I have the winter blues.  For the last month, it’s been cold with highs mostly in the 20s and lows occasionally below zero.  I know you northerners would laugh at that, but that’s cold for this part of Missouri.  Plus, we’ve had 2 6” snowfalls, three in the 1-2” range and freezing rain on […]

More from Skyline Drive

Just a few more things Steve and I found while on Skyline looking at the Serviceberry from a previous post.


It really is a berry...

Everyone, I think, is familiar with the bloom of the serviceberry or shadbush tree (Amelanchier arborea.) But most probably do what I do and put them out of their mind after the bloom is gone. But, as I discovered today when I took the photo below, they really do have berries.


Back at Watercress Park

It’s Monday, so that means I spent my lunch hour walking around Watercress. I found a few new blooms including American Bladdernut (Staphylea trifolia,)


Wildflowers - 10 April

When Dayna and I left the house this morning, the plan was to go to an out of the way spot on Rogers Creek and catch and photograph a few fish. We did end up doing that – and I’ll cover that in a separate post tonight or tomorrow – but we found so many […]