Another day at the creek

After only getting to spend an hour snorkeling in Mill Creek on Saturday, I headed to Rogers Creek on Sunday.  Rogers Creek is the next tributary of the Current River upstream from Mill Creek.  It’s somewhat smaller than  Mill Creek, doesn’t have nearly the volume of spring flow feeding it and has a tendency to go […]

Colors of the Rainbow

Two weekends ago, things finally came together.  I had a wetsuit that fit and a beautiful 85 degree Saturday to make use of it.  I headed to Mill Creek, a tributary of the Current River, where it crosses my uncle’s place north of Van Buren.  I was a little self-conscious in the wetsuit (A 6′, 265 […]

The Darters are blooming

I had planned to go snorkeling a couple of weekends ago.  Several of the darters that occur in the area were coming into their breeding colors, I’d ordered a farmer john wetsuit and jacket and they had arrived on the UPS truck as promised on Friday.  Then things started to go south. The wetsuit and […]

Photographing Fish

I’ve been trying to come up with a method of photographing fish so that they look natural or as close to it as possible. Since I don’t want to drop the money for an expensive underwater setup, some kind of aquarium seemed to be the way to go.

Looking around at Home Depot, I […]