The Serendipitous Pipit

When Dayna and I go to Otter Slough, we enter and leave through Dudley. But on our last trip, we searched the fallow crop fields to the west, looking for the Short-eared Owl reported there in January.


We didn’t find the owl, though there were plenty of Horned Larks and Savannah Sparrows. While trying to photograph a […]

Upon Reflection

A Song Sparrow tries to keep his toes dry, Pool […]

A Day Adorned in Monochrome

A light rain fell, not enough to help with the ongoing drought, but enough to get you wet if you didn’t have enough sense to stay out of it. A stiff wind made the forty-degree temperature feel like thirty and swells roiled the surface of Fellows Lake, an 850-acre impoundment on the Little Sac River, five […]

Mr. Cooper’s Hawk

This past week, the same day I photographed the Brown Creepers in my last post, I was headed home after work, when my good karma paid off. Just before my turn, I saw this on the roadside.


Jeepers. It’s the Creeper!

While we’re still on the subject of nemesis birds, I’d like to mention another: the Brown Creeper. Creepers winter here and they’re reasonably common, but until recently, I was without a halfway acceptable photo of one.

They’re not especially wary and will generally let you approach, but they never stop moving, the way they cling to a […]