Around the yard...

A few minutes spent wandering about the yard turned up a freshly bloomed Flowering Dogwood (Cornus florida,)


Blooms & Duskywings

Just putzing around the yard today, not finding much to photograph. New blooms amounted to some Bird’s Foot Violets (Viola pedata)


Corkwood & Sand Pond

The plan for today was to visit Sand Pond Conservation Area, on the Arkansas line in Ripley County. I took the long way around, going through Poplar Bluff instead of Doniphan, because the road is much better and I could stop for breadfast (I love Hardee’s blueberry biscuits!) This detour of sorts turned out […]

The Road to Welch

To get to Welch Spring, you have to park at the canoe landing and walk about a quarter mile upstream. For the first couple of hundred yards, the trail lies right above the Current River, with a steep bank to your right which runs up to a bluff.


Hunt for the Harbinger

The weatherman had been calling for rain today, but it ended up mostly sunny and around 65 degrees. After all the rain, snow and generally nasty, cold weather we’ve had lately, it was glorious.

After finding the witch hazel in bloom the other day, I’ve been thinking I need to see if I can’t find Harbinger-of-Spring […]