Another Critter From the Pine Tree

I have one final insect of interest that I found on the pine tree along with the assassin bugs and firefly larvae.


It's a Monster!

Or it would be if it were more than, y’know, an inch or so long.


Hunt for the Harbinger II

The weatherman was right about the rain, if not the thunder, but it held off long enough that I was able to get out and make another attempt to find a Harbinger-of-Spring. The other locations I wanted to check were in the Rogers Creek-Waymeyer-Pin Oak area and my mother lives out in that direction, so […]

Shawnee Creek

I spent the work day driving to some of our field offices and managed to take my lunch break at Shawnee Campground. This is a small, primitive campground that sits at the mouth of Shawnee Creek on the extreme lower Jack’s Fork River. […]