A More Natural Setting

That’s what I asked for at the end of my last post, a more natural setting for the Powdered Dancer in the photo. Well, a few short hours after publishing that post, that wish was to be granted.

My sister Lori and I drove down to the Cedar Spring access on the Current River, threw the kayaks […]


Yesterday, Dayna and I floated a short stretch of the Jacks Fork along with a friend from work. As we pulled into the take out at Alley, I noticed I had an extra passenger next to me on the kayak.


Cockleburs and Rubyspots

Note: this is the first of two posts based on photos that I uploaded to the site last October, just before one of my extended absences from posting. 

In my continued search for all things crayfish, last October found me on the Black River, at the Bradley Hammer Conservation Area just south of Williamsville. I was […]

Dragons and Slayers of Dragons

Having survived my encounter with the tree described in my last post, I drove on down to the lake.  Lofton Lake is located just past the end of M Highway about 8 miles north of Van Buren and within the boundary of the park (ONSR.)  At normal levels, the lake is roughly 5 acres but with […]

What is that dragonfly?

The past few days, I’ve had a dragonfly at the pond that I haven’t been able to identify. He was spending all his time on the wing and my eyes aren’t up to making an identification under those circumstances. So I did what any red-blooded wanna be entomologist would – I netted him.

He turned […]