Another Critter From the Pine Tree

I have one final insect of interest that I found on the pine tree along with the assassin bugs and firefly larvae.


It's a Monster!

Or it would be if it were more than, y’know, an inch or so long.


Salamanders at Last!

I’ve been flipping rocks and logs since early February looking for salamanders without success. Today my luck changed. During my lunch break, I walked trail along the spring branch at Watercress and hit paydirt just across the footbridge.

There was a long, 4″ diameter log lying in the edge of the water and […]

An Afternoon at Alley

I had to work at one of our Alley Spring offices today and instead of driving to Eminence for lunch, I walked the spring trail. There was a group of folks ahead of me that took the trail around the back of the spring, so I went across the bridge below the mill and followed […]

Photographing Fish

I’ve been trying to come up with a method of photographing fish so that they look natural or as close to it as possible. Since I don’t want to drop the money for an expensive underwater setup, some kind of aquarium seemed to be the way to go.

Looking around at Home Depot, I […]