So my Mother has a bird feeder

and it finally dawned on me that I should take advantage of that fact and see if I couldn’t get a photo or two. She lives in the Senior Citizens’ housing in Van Buren, so the feeder is located between two closely spaced houses and the birds are fairly time, being used to quite a bit […]

What’s Up With the Geese?

A week ago last Saturday, Dayna and I were driving around enjoying the sunshine after the ice storm. We ended up at the Current River access in Van Buren, found a pair of Eastern Bluebirds also apparently taking advantage of the sun’s rare appearance and began following them around hoping one would sit still for a […]

Once in a Blue Moon

Sometimes, sometimes you just get lucky.  Lucky enough that buying lottery tickets suddenly doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

Back in February, on the night before it was full, I was outside photographing the moon.  It was cold enough to make my hands stiff and that combined with the “bounce” I was getting when I pressed […]