A More Natural Setting

That’s what I asked for at the end of my last post, a more natural setting for the Powdered Dancer in the photo. Well, a few short hours after publishing that post, that wish was to be granted.

My sister Lori and I drove down to the Cedar Spring access on the Current River, threw the kayaks […]


Yesterday, Dayna and I floated a short stretch of the Jacks Fork along with a friend from work. As we pulled into the take out at Alley, I noticed I had an extra passenger next to me on the kayak.


16 Kids and Counting

A Quiverfull Wood Duck? Well, maybe.

Twelve is probably average […]

And Stay Out!

Blue-gray Gnatcatchers aren’t very big, but no one has let them in on that fact. In their minds, they’re as big as anyone or anything else and they have an attitude to match.

This Red-shouldered Hawk was about to find this out the hard way. He was hanging out along the back side of Pool 1 at […]