Winter’s Icy Grip

Last year we basically had no winter.  There was no snow or ice and the weather stayed very mild until running into a record warm March.  This year’s version has been more typical of what you would expect for this part of Missouri.  We’ve had a couple of snows, the first arriving on Christmas night, totaling some 10-12 inches and other than a few warm days, it’s been cold.  I say that knowing full well than anyone from the upper Midwest would have been running around in Bermuda shorts, but for southern Missouri, cold it has been.

Last week, a major winter storm came rolling in from the plains of Texas, smacking us along with most of the Midwest before heading off towards New England.  The snow stayed to our north and west, but the sleet and freezing rain scored a direct hit on the area.  Fortunately the ground wasn’t frozen, so the roads didn’t freeze over, though they were treacherous for a while.  Things above ground level didn’t fare as well, ending up with at least a half-inch of ice, wreaking havoc on the trees and power lines.  The ice actually took down a utility pole a few miles from the house, leaving us without electricity for 20 hours or so.

The ice lasted for two days before the sun came out enough to melt it off, falling in showers from the trees.  With two days to work with, you know I took plenty of photos, but I’ll only subject you to a few of them.  On with the show…










Hopefully that’s the last of the nasty weather.  I’m ready for some sunshine, warmth and flowers blooming.  Something other than witch hazel, which is already blooming because it doesn’t have the good sense to wait for spring.

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