Sunrise Sandpiper

I had an eight o’clock dental appointment this morning, a forty-five minute drive to an unpleasant destination. So to cheer myself up, I left early enough to make a quick stop at the boat landing on the Current River in Van Buren.

There was a small flock of cooperative Spotted Sandpipers feeding in the water’s edge and the early morning light was soft and warm. My mood had suddenly improved, but I still had to face the dentist. Crying face

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  • Mollie Freebairn

    Hi Dan, I am a big fan of your journals. I lobby a bit for the Sierra Club in Jefferson City, and it sounds to me like they could use your help! No doubt you are familiar with the proposed legislation to remove Ozark National Scenic Riverways designation far more than I, which is why I was wondering if I could have your email address to put you in touch with Missouri Chapter of the Sierra Club Director John Hickey?

    Thanks, Mollie Freebairn, Environmental & Energy Scientist

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