They’re baaaaack…

They being a pair of Scissor-tailed Flycatchers. Last July, I posted about finding a pair nesting here in Carter County and I’ve been waiting all spring to see if they’d return. Finally, on my way home yesterday evening, one came flying up from the field along Pike Creek to land on a power line. This was about 3 miles west of Van Buren on Highway 60 and a bit more than 2 miles east of where last years birds were located.

I couldn’t get stopped in time and had to make the two-mile loop to bring me back for another pass (there are far too many Troopers around to try 4-wheeling across the median).  I pulled off the highway and started walking back towards him, expecting him to take wing at anytime. But no, he sat there and let me walk as close as I wanted. Any closer and I’d have been shooting up at his bottom side. After spending the winter fruitlessly trying to photograph Red-tailed Hawks from the truck, this was a nice turn of events.

Even better, he wasn’t alone. There was a second bird and she (presumably a she, I really have no way of knowing which was which) was closely inspecting the power pole. Since last year’s pair was nesting on a power pole, this is an encouraging development. So once again I get to spend the first half of summer watching a pair of Scissor-tails, hoping to see them land on something more photogenic than a power line. In the interest of full disclosure, the bird in the second image was actually perched on a guy wire, which became barbed wire only through the magic of Photoshop.

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