Sparring Partners

I had planned to include this in the previous post, but it was already running too long. Besides, the more posts I can squeeze out of something, the better, am I right?

After the apparently deranged herd bull had chased his harem out of sight, there were still several younger bulls hanging around, only filtering into the food plot now that the alpha dog was gone. There was one pair of what I think had to be second-year bulls who were practicing their jousting.

They danced around, bucking, feinting and lunging, but never making actual contact as far as I could tell.

You know the one on the left was thinking “Dude, be careful! You could have put my eye out with that thing!”

The bull on the right was definitely the more aggressive of the two and I’d have to declare him the clear winner of this little bout. It was all in fun now, but give ‘em a few more years and they’ll undoubtedly be doing battle for real, looking to claim breeding rights with as many cows as possible.

Whether it’s one of these two or another bull, someone will take the place of the current herd bull, whose eventual decline is inevitable, as the years and miles accumulate. The replacement will reign for a time, then fall and be replaced himself. As long as there are elk, the cycle will continue unabated.

The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten…

-Robert Jordan
The Eye of the World

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