Random Squirrels

Alas, my enthusiasm tank is running really low at the moment, probably because of the short, dark, dreary days. This time of the year always drags me down it seems. But I missed my weekend post and I’d really like to get something posted tonight, so you get some squirrel photos that I’ve been looking for a reason to use.

First, a Fox Squirrel who was in the road near the Eastwood Fire Tower back in April. He scurried out of the road and into a tree, where he momentarily glared at me for disturbing him, then disappeared around and up the tree.

Same squirrel, just a closer crop.

This Gray Squirrel was right next to the road near the old Lodge at Big Spring, just a couple of days ago. He was eating something—I couldn’t tell what it was—but another squirrel showed up and they ran off to do whatever squirrels do together.

Last one is another Gray, photographed near the Big Spring Campground, about 10 minutes after the one in the previous photo. I loved the tree this one was on, with all the moss growing on it. Here we have proof that the old wives’ tale about moss growing only on the north side of trees is wrong—this moss is on the south side of the tree. Take that, all of you Old Wives out there!

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