Not Flicker. Flickr!

Just quick post to let everyone (all three of you!) know that I’ve set up a Flickr account. Actually, that’s not accurate—I’ve had the account since 2011, but haven’t really made use of it before. I’ve begun making an effort to use and organize the account for two reasons: I have many, many photos that will never see the light of day if I only use the images that accompany my too infrequent postings here and more importantly perhaps, I’m much more likely to upload photos to Flickr on a regular basis than I am to post entries here. Basically, I’m looking for a way to reasonably frequently post new content, whether here or on Flickr, when history has proven that I can’t do so over any length of time, only posting here.

I’m sure there will be plenty of crossover between this site and Flickr, but there will be many more images there than here. I currently have about 950 photos uploaded, I’m constantly adding more and I have ten years worth of stuff to work from. These are the links you’ll need if you want to see them:


Organized by Collection

Organized by Album

So please go take a look and as always, any comments are deeply appreciated. Thank you and Good Night.

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