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This summer is the tenth that Dayna and I have been here at Eastwood.  Every year, we’ve had a pair of American Phoebes that build a nest over the front door, well under the roof soffit and protected from the rain.  And always on the west side of the door, never the east.  The maximum life span of a phoebe is 10 years, so these are not the same birds every year. Nevertheless, a pair of phoebes shows up and builds a nest in the same spot, year after year.  Normally, they fledge two broods – usually five per brood – each year.  We try to avoid disturbing them as much as possible, clean up after them in the fall and generally let them do their thing.

This year, with an extremely mild winter followed by summer arriving months ahead of schedule , the current pair got an early start with an active nest in place by March 10th.  By the end of June they had successfully fledged their third brood of the year, adding a total of 14 young phoebes to the population.  I was curious to see if they would attempt a fourth nest, but there’s been no activity for almost three weeks and it seems they’re done for the year.  After raising 14 kids in a little over three months, I’d certainly be ready for a break and I’d like to offer them a hearty round of applause.  See you next year guys!  Guess it’s time to go power wash the bird poop off the porch…

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