Fall Color on Rocky Creek

The Rocky Creek area is one of the more geologically interesting and just plain beautiful areas of the park.  Add in the fact that the trees are beginning to show their fall colors and a drive through the area was irresistible.  So yesterday afternoon found Dayna, Bailey and myself bouncing along dirt roads, shooting lots of […]

Welcome to the SnOzarks

I think I have the winter blues.  For the last month, it’s been cold with highs mostly in the 20s and lows occasionally below zero.  I know you northerners would laugh at that, but that’s cold for this part of Missouri.  Plus, we’ve had 2 6” snowfalls, three in the 1-2” range and freezing rain on […]

More from Skyline Drive

Just a few more things Steve and I found while on Skyline looking at the Serviceberry from a previous post.


It really is a berry...

Everyone, I think, is familiar with the bloom of the serviceberry or shadbush tree (Amelanchier arborea.) But most probably do what I do and put them out of their mind after the bloom is gone. But, as I discovered today when I took the photo below, they really do have berries.


Back at Watercress Park

It’s Monday, so that means I spent my lunch hour walking around Watercress. I found a few new blooms including American Bladdernut (Staphylea trifolia,)