Aint Going Down ‘Til The Sun Comes Up


Shortly before sunrise, the full moon sets over the Current […]


Today was the first day of November and it was absolutely gorgeous—seventy degrees with a light breeze and enough clouds to make the sky interesting. I drove into town to pick up a few things from the grocery store and decided to take the scenic route back home. I passed through Big Spring, then followed Z Highway […]

Paddling the Upper Current

We loaded the truck in the pre-dawn darkness, Venus still bright in the east,  hopefully a harbinger of another beautiful September day. We were headed north for the upper reaches of the Current River and sunshine was a big part of the plan. It was not to be—the clouds began gathering shortly after we were on […]

Winter’s Icy Grip

Last year we basically had no winter.  There was no snow or ice and the weather stayed very mild until running into a record warm March.  This year’s version has been more typical of what you would expect for this part of Missouri.  We’ve had a couple of snows, the first arriving on Christmas night, totaling […]

Fall Color on Rocky Creek

The Rocky Creek area is one of the more geologically interesting and just plain beautiful areas of the park.  Add in the fact that the trees are beginning to show their fall colors and a drive through the area was irresistible.  So yesterday afternoon found Dayna, Bailey and myself bouncing along dirt roads, shooting lots of […]