Barry County Crayfish

Most of the Ozark stream crayfish species are relatively easy to find.  Grab your copy of The Crayfishes of Missouri (you have a copy, right?,) look up the species you’re interested in, use the handy range map to identify a drainage where it occurs and then find a public access or three in that drainage.  This […]

Freckles on the Huzzah

Huzzah Conservation Area is located in Crawford County, northeast of Steelville.  Within it’s 6,225 acres you can find a mile of Courtois Creek, a half mile of Huzzah Creek and 2 1/2 miles of the Meramec River.  Factor in the presence of Onondaga Cave State Park directly across the river and you have some prime real […]

Current River Tigers

Cataract Landing on the Current River is a little out-of-the-way, fifteen twisty, up-and-down miles south of Van Buren.  Once you get there, don’t expect any amenities.  A gravel boat ramp and a few parking spaces is all you’ll find.  But just upstream of the boat ramp is a lovely sand and gravel bar without much vegetation.  […]

Riparian Warblers

I’ve been sitting on a group of warbler photos for a while now, planning to use them in a post but searching for a commonality between them (other than that they’re all, y’know, warblers) to keep the post from being basically a bunch of random photos.  It finally dawned on me this morning that all three […]

Prairie Warbler, Finally

One evening, back in early July, I took my camera and walked up to the county road that runs in front of the house.  I didn’t have any particular goal in mind, just knocking around looking for something to photograph.  The lady who owns the land on the other side of the road had the timber […]