That Aint No Coon

Last night, just after 10:00, I took the dogs outside to do their thing one last time before we went to bed. While waiting for them to pee on things and eat a little rabbit poop, I heard a racket coming from the back of the house. We’ve been dealing with a raccoon getting into the […]

Grin and Bear It

Yesterday, on my way home for lunch, I saw my first wild bear and I’m still giddy and excited, twenty-four hours later. I have been looking for one for about 35 years, ever since my brother and I found a track in a small patch of melting snow. Since then I’d found more tracks and a […]

Herd Bull, 2016

I think I was just lucky last year. I made a single trip to Peck Ranch, found all kinds of elk including the herd bull and his harem and got some pretty nice shots. So I was a little spoiled and expecting things to go pretty much the same way this year. I even started making […]

Random Squirrels

Alas, my enthusiasm tank is running really low at the moment, probably because of the short, dark, dreary days. This time of the year always drags me down it seems. But I missed my weekend post and I’d really like to get something posted tonight, so you get some squirrel photos that I’ve been looking for […]


Since today is opening day of Missouri’s firearms deer season, I though I’d post an image that encapsulates my typical deer hunting experience.