Paddling the Upper Current

We loaded the truck in the pre-dawn darkness, Venus still bright in the east,  hopefully a harbinger of another beautiful September day. We were headed north for the upper reaches of the Current River and sunshine was a big part of the plan. It was not to be—the clouds began gathering shortly after we were on […]

Patrick Bridge Crayfish, Part II

Picking up from and recapping my last post, three of us were paddling the lowest stretch of the North Fork White River before it enters the lake. Having pulled over below the bridge at Patrick Bridge Access to snorkel and photograph fish, I kept getting distracted by crayfish.

After photographing the Gap Ringed Crayfish from the last […]

Patrick Bridge Crayfish, Part I


Last Friday Dayna and I, along with a friend, paddled a 10-mile stretch of the North Fork of the White River. We put in at Blair Bridge about 10:00 a.m. and took out just past 6:00 p.m. at Tecumseh on the very upper end of Norfork Lake. Actually, the lake was much higher than I had […]

Cockleburs and Rubyspots

Note: this is the first of two posts based on photos that I uploaded to the site last October, just before one of my extended absences from posting. 

In my continued search for all things crayfish, last October found me on the Black River, at the Bradley Hammer Conservation Area just south of Williamsville. I was […]

Fall Color on Rocky Creek

The Rocky Creek area is one of the more geologically interesting and just plain beautiful areas of the park.  Add in the fact that the trees are beginning to show their fall colors and a drive through the area was irresistible.  So yesterday afternoon found Dayna, Bailey and myself bouncing along dirt roads, shooting lots of […]