I had some comp time that was about to expire and my personal odometer was going to roll over another year, so I took off work the week of May 6th. The extended forecast on Friday didn’t look good: a chance of rain and thunderstorms projected for every single day I didn’t have to work. The […]

They’re baaaaack…

They being a pair of Scissor-tailed Flycatchers. Last July, […]

Missed it by THAT much

Tried to catch a Barn Swallow coming in for […]

You Can’t See Me

because I’m tiny and sitting very, very still. Now […]

Sunrise Sandpiper

I had an eight o’clock dental appointment this morning, a forty-five minute drive to an unpleasant destination. So to cheer myself up, I left early enough to make a quick stop at the boat landing on the Current River in Van Buren.