Not Flicker. Flickr!

Just quick post to let everyone (all three of you!) know that I’ve set up a Flickr account. Actually, that’s not accurate—I’ve had the account since 2011, but haven’t really made use of it before. I’ve begun making an effort to use and organize the account for two reasons: I have many, many photos that will […]

I’m still here.

I just took two years off to try my hand at minor league baseball. Oh, wait. That wasn’t me, that was some other guy. I’ve been here all along, still going out regularly, looking for plants and critters and photographing them, just not writing anything. Along with my usual proclivity towards laziness and procrastination, I’ve had […]

OK, my “vacation” is over

and it’s time to get back to posting. If there’s anyone out there actually reading this, I apologize for my long absence. As the days got longer and warmer last spring, I kept spending more and more time outdoors. This naturally left less and less time doing inside things like, y’know, writing blog posts.

But now it’s […]

An Ozark Naturalist Returns

An Ozark Naturalist is back online. […]