An Ozark Naturalist Returns

Following more than a year of inactivity, having the site deleted by my (former) web host and moving to a new host, An Ozark Naturalist is back online.  I still have to install the NextGen gallery plugin for WordPress before I can add any photos, but I’ve already performed that particular install on another site so I expect it to go smoothly.  I have good intentions as far as keeping the site updated, but we all know what’s paved with those.  All I can promise is that I’ll do my best.  I’m going to keep this short – I’m working on bringing two of my other sites back up also – so that’s all for now.  Back in a day or two.

1 comment to An Ozark Naturalist Returns

  • martha ruhe

    I hope the “naturalist” continues to post discoveries and observations on a regular basis. That way, from a distance, I can check in on these Ozark Hills I have come to love, even if I am a thousand miles away.

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