Caterpillars of the Fall

Today is the 15th straight day of absolutely beautiful weather here in the Ozarks.  With nearly cloudless skies, temperatures have been climbing up around to 80° during the day and dropping to 50° or so at night.  The next two days look to break the string with a chance of rain each day and cooler temperatures […]

What do you get…

when you cross Indian Paintbrush with Fire Pink? Indian Pink, of course.  Well, ok, not really.  But there is such a plant, as I recently discovered. 

I had driven to Gooseneck back on Memorial Day weekend, hoping to find a Cambarus diogenese outside it’s burrow since the colony was covered by a couple of feet […]

Great Spangled Fritillary


Lilacs & Butterflies

Dayna’s lilac is blooming gloriously this year and the butterflies have noticed.


Wildflowers - 10 April

When Dayna and I left the house this morning, the plan was to go to an out of the way spot on Rogers Creek and catch and photograph a few fish. We did end up doing that – and I’ll cover that in a separate post tonight or tomorrow – but we found so many […]