Patrick Bridge, The Fishy Follow-up

Since this is part 3, let’s recap one last time. Dayna and I, along with our friend Tricia, were paddling on the lower North Fork White River. Stopping below Patrick Bridge Access, I hit the water looking to photograph fish, primarily Duskystripe Shiners, of which I found plenty. Unfortunately, the water wasn’t as clear as I’d […]

Stahl Creek

The Robert E. Talbot Conservation Area sits on the headwaters of the Spring (Neosho) River, a few miles northwest of Mt. Vernon in Lawrence County.  Two miles of Spring River lie within the CA and even though it’s nearly three hours away, it’s an easy drive because only the last few miles are two lane roads.  […]

North Fork White River II

OK, picking up where we left off last time, moving upstream out of the pool and into the run below the landing, I started finding darters.  At first, it was a few Rainbows but then the Banded Darters (Etheostoma zonale) made an appearance.



Colors of the Rainbow

Two weekends ago, things finally came together.  I had a wetsuit that fit and a beautiful 85 degree Saturday to make use of it.  I headed to Mill Creek, a tributary of the Current River, where it crosses my uncle’s place north of Van Buren.  I was a little self-conscious in the wetsuit (A 6′, 265 […]

Something Fishy

We did finally make it to the creek today, after taking all those wildflower photos, and I had hoped it was warm enough to get a Green or Long-eared Sunfish to come out and grab a plastic grub. They didn’t cooperate – I didn’t even see either species – so I sent Dayna into the […]