Sex on the Pond

I finally got off my lazy ass and mowed the grass around my pond for the first time since last summer. It was waist-high and keeping me from getting close to the pond, due to the number of ticks it harbored. But with it freshly mowed, I can get to the pond without worrying too much […]

The Span of Life

Going through some of my older photos, preparing them for Flickr, I came across this image.



Dragons of Spring Dawning

The books of the Chronicles Trilogy by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman were released between November 1984 and November 1985. They were the first of many, many Dragonlance novels and were readily available, even in this very rural area, at a time when it wasn’t necessarily easy to find novels that weren’t romances or westerns. Needless […]

Dragons of Autumn Twilight

Today was one of those ugly, cold days with rain and gusting winds that make you believe that Winter truly is right around the corner. We’ve had it easy so far, the weather mild with only a couple of light frosts. It’s been enough to slow the ticks down, but as I surprisingly found a couple […]


Humans have been able to fly, not quite under their own power, for a little over a hundred years. Dragonflies accomplished this more than 325 million years earlier and they do it all on their own. They are magnificent and I love to sit and watch them zoom about, capturing prey, fussing over territories and, sometimes […]