A Variety of Vireos

The birds of the genus Vireo are small with hooked beaks and mostly drab, greenish plumage (Vireo is Latin for “I am green”). There are about 30 species, all restricted to the New World. Of those, seven species can reasonably be expected to be found in southern Missouri at the appropriate time of year: Red-eyed, White-eyed, […]

Image of the Day: Junior Woodchucks

Not far from Big Spring, Heuy and Dewey (I […]

Golden Swamp Warbler

“The charm of its haunts and the beauty of […]

Arrivals and Departures

Note: this post was written and ready to go on Thursday, 4/11, but for some reason I’ve been unable to reach the admin area of the site and couldn’t upload the post. The admin area is back on-line today, so here we are. 

More and more species of migrants are arriving, while our winter resident birds have […]

More Warbler Photos

The Yellow-throated Warbler was back in the trees outside work again this morning. This time he was foraging lower in the trees, though he was constantly moving and hard to keep in the viewfinder. These photos are still not that great, but they’re certainly better than the shot from yesterday.