More Warbler Photos

The Yellow-throated Warbler was back in the trees outside work again this morning. This time he was foraging lower in the trees, though he was constantly moving and hard to keep in the viewfinder. These photos are still not that great, but they’re certainly better than the shot from yesterday.

I only got to follow him around for a few minutes before some folks approached and asked what I was photographing. Apparently, three people and a large dog were too much of a disturbance because the bird decided to go somewhere else and the photo session was over.

It was overcast and the light sucked, but you have to work with what you’re given. I tried to recover some of the details from the shadows and may have overdone it a bit since I blew out the sky. I was going to process them again, but I left hard drive with the original photos at work so I can’t try again until tomorrow.

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