Today was the first day of November and it was absolutely gorgeous—seventy degrees with a light breeze and enough clouds to make the sky interesting. I drove into town to pick up a few things from the grocery store and decided to take the scenic route back home. I passed through Big Spring, then followed Z Highway […]

Make thee an ark

When I started working on this post, I almost didn’t use the ark quote as a title because it seemed like way too much exaggeration.  Now, three days and 9 inches of rain later, I’m beginning to re-evaluate that feeling.  Since last Tuesday, we’ve had, according to my mother’s rain gauge, 14 inches of rain, with […]

Welcome to the SnOzarks

I think I have the winter blues.  For the last month, it’s been cold with highs mostly in the 20s and lows occasionally below zero.  I know you northerners would laugh at that, but that’s cold for this part of Missouri.  Plus, we’ve had 2 6” snowfalls, three in the 1-2” range and freezing rain on […]

A Drive Through Big Spring

Even as an IT person, I do occasionally get to leave my office thanks to the fact that most of our various field offices have computers and phone systems. And sometimes, I even remember to take my camera with me.

Two or three days ago, I needed to visit both the district ranger’s office and the […]