Today was the first day of November and it was absolutely gorgeous—seventy degrees with a light breeze and enough clouds to make the sky interesting. I drove into town to pick up a few things from the grocery store and decided to take the scenic route back home. I passed through Big Spring, then followed Z Highway down through the lower reaches of Ozark Riverways.

I was hoping to find an early arriving eagle or osprey, but no such luck. I think there were too many people out and about thanks to the fabulous weather coinciding with the Youth portion of deer season. So I had to “settle” for shooting landscapes and this was my favorite shot.

This is the confluence of Big Spring, coming from the left (west), with the Current River. This gives you a very good idea of just how large Big Spring is, especially compared to the river. The rain has mostly avoided us for the past couple of months, so the river is low, but the spring clearly doubles the size of the river at a minimum. Pretty awesome, don’t ya think?

The photo, if you’re interested, is actually a composite of sixteen photos merged in Photoshop. They were shot with a Nikon D90 and 14mm Rokinon lens, f/4 at 1/1000 second and ISO-400. I only bumped the color a teensy bit, I promise!

I still have one last astronomy-related post in-progress, which I had hoped to post today, but it’s been slow going. I’d like to get it finished and move on to something else, by next weekend for sure. We’ll see…

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