It was a dark and stormy night,

nearly 60°, warm for early March, with light rain and distant lightning providing a portent of things to come.  When I stepped outside about 8:00 pm the Spring Peepers were going insane and I thought that was a good sign that the warm, rainy night might have the local salamander population heading towards fishless waters looking […]

Spotted Salamander

My basement has two windows that are below ground level and each has a recessed area around it lined with 6×9 railroad ties. I was cleaning the leaves and other assorted detritus from one of them today when I noticed a Spotted Salamander (Ambystoma maculatum) trying to dig into the clay and find some cover.


Salamanders at Last!

I’ve been flipping rocks and logs since early February looking for salamanders without success. Today my luck changed. During my lunch break, I walked trail along the spring branch at Watercress and hit paydirt just across the footbridge.

There was a long, 4″ diameter log lying in the edge of the water and […]

Things from the pond

One of my very favorite things about the place I live is the small pond in the corner of the yard.