Happy Independence Day!


Drive-by Shooting

Driving home after work one day last week, a small hawk came gliding low across the road in front of me. I was heading into the sun, so I couldn’t tell much about the bird other than he was too small to be a Red-tail. Watching him as he crossed the road, he looked as if […]

Birthday Bird

I had my 50th birthday back in May. Usually, Dayna and I go day-tripping on my birthday, looking for birds and a good place to eat. But this year found me out in the Powder Mill area, documenting flood damage.


At one stop, I saw something large and shiny in a little clearing back in the dense […]

Agent Orange

I was out walking around the yard last weekend, looking for some random something to photograph, when a flash of color in the edge of the woods caught my eye. It was bright orange and quickly resolved itself into a bird. At first, I thought I was looking at an Oriole. But it almost immediately registered […]

Invasion of the Nuthatches

Winter range varies tremendously from year to year, especially in east. Big southward invasions occur in fall of some years, perhaps mainly when cone crops are very poor in the northern forest. In years with good food supply, may remain all winter on nesting territory.