There’s a Bad Moon on the Rise

That’s not really fair. This, of course, was during […]

Paddling the Upper Current

We loaded the truck in the pre-dawn darkness, Venus still bright in the east,  hopefully a harbinger of another beautiful September day. We were headed north for the upper reaches of the Current River and sunshine was a big part of the plan. It was not to be—the clouds began gathering shortly after we were on […]

Surpise, Big Fella!

Yesterday (Friday), I took off work a couple of hours early because it was sunny and 90°, I was anticipating a cool front and probable rain over the weekend and I wanted to get in the water. Maybe for the last time before the seasons change and it gets too cold—it’s getting close to that time, […]

Patrick Bridge, The Fishy Follow-up

Since this is part 3, let’s recap one last time. Dayna and I, along with our friend Tricia, were paddling on the lower North Fork White River. Stopping below Patrick Bridge Access, I hit the water looking to photograph fish, primarily Duskystripe Shiners, of which I found plenty. Unfortunately, the water wasn’t as clear as I’d […]

Patrick Bridge Crayfish, Part II

Picking up from and recapping my last post, three of us were paddling the lowest stretch of the North Fork White River before it enters the lake. Having pulled over below the bridge at Patrick Bridge Access to snorkel and photograph fish, I kept getting distracted by crayfish.

After photographing the Gap Ringed Crayfish from the last […]