Fall Color on Rocky Creek

The Rocky Creek area is one of the more geologically interesting and just plain beautiful areas of the park.  Add in the fact that the trees are beginning to show their fall colors and a drive through the area was irresistible.  So yesterday afternoon found Dayna, Bailey and myself bouncing along dirt roads, shooting lots of […]

Solidago, Soldiers and Chemical Warfare

Solidago, if you’re not familiar with the name, is the genus of plants commonly known as Goldenrods.  With their clusters of yellow flowers and around a hundred difficult to distinguish species, they are nearly ubiquitous here in the Ozarks from August into November.  Many hay fever sufferers mistakenly blame goldenrods for their misery (ragweed is really […]


Like much of the rest of the country, it was hot and dry here from mid-March until the remnants of Hurricane Isaac gave us some relief at the end of August.  Since then, we’ve had significant rainfall on three or four occasions.  We were 19 inches below normal at the height of the drought, so the […]