Wildflowers - 31 March

Photos taken at Round Spring.

Viola sp.


The Road to Welch

To get to Welch Spring, you have to park at the canoe landing and walk about a quarter mile upstream. For the first couple of hundred yards, the trail lies right above the Current River, with a steep bank to your right which runs up to a bluff.


Wildflowers - 25 March

Just a quick trip around the yard to see what’s about today. We’ll start with the Serviceberry (Amelanchier arborea) growing up by the county road.


Unexpected Finds

Some of my favorite outdoor moments involve finding something unexpected. It doesn’t have to be something rare, just something that shows up totally by surprise. I found a couple of unexpected things today during a trip to nearby and very convenient Watercress Park and that qualifies as a good day.

The first thing I found […]

Wildflowers - 18 March

All photos taken at Watercress Park, Van Buren.

Spring Beauty […]