Bleeding Shiner in Colored Pencil

Well, I feel like utter crap today and I got nothing. But I don’t want to miss my weekend post, so…


Hunger Games

It was the second week of March at Otter Slough Conservation Area, but winter still held the marsh in its grasp thanks to a polar vortex sending a mass of Arctic air surging south across the Midwest. It had snowed again three nights ago, only a couple of inches, but it was on top of the […]

Dragons of Autumn Twilight

Today was one of those ugly, cold days with rain and gusting winds that make you believe that Winter truly is right around the corner. We’ve had it easy so far, the weather mild with only a couple of light frosts. It’s been enough to slow the ticks down, but as I surprisingly found a couple […]

Gone Fishin’

During the winter and spring, Dayna and I make frequent trips over to Otter Slough Conservation Area in Stoddard County. It’s about an hour’s drive and we usually stop for breakfast, then spend a leisurely day cruising the area looking for things to photograph. The area has a bird species count of 269, which is in […]


Since today is opening day of Missouri’s firearms deer season, I though I’d post an image that encapsulates my typical deer hunting experience.