Bleeding Shiner in Colored Pencil

Well, I feel like utter crap today and I got nothing. But I don’t want to miss my weekend post, so…

This image began life as a photo taken back in September in Rogers Creek not far upstream from the Current River. I was playing around with it in Photoshop, a little bored I think, and decided to see if I could come up with a decent simulation of Joseph Tomelleri’s work, which I admire greatly.

I did not use the Colored Pencil filter—it doesn’t work that well and I was looking for a more nuanced effect. No, this was a more involved process and I think I ended up with something close to what I had in mind. Unfortunately, I didn’t document the process and I don’t think I could replicate it now, at least without more trial and error, basically figuring the damn thing out again. Figures.

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