Herd Bull, 2016

I think I was just lucky last year. I made a single trip to Peck Ranch, found all kinds of elk including the herd bull and his harem and got some pretty nice shots. So I was a little spoiled and expecting things to go pretty much the same way this year. I even started making […]

Not Flicker. Flickr!

Just quick post to let everyone (all three of you!) know that I’ve set up a Flickr account. Actually, that’s not accurate—I’ve had the account since 2011, but haven’t really made use of it before. I’ve begun making an effort to use and organize the account for two reasons: I have many, many photos that will […]

Invasion of the Nuthatches

Winter range varies tremendously from year to year, especially in east. Big southward invasions occur in fall of some years, perhaps mainly when cone crops are very poor in the northern forest. In years with good food supply, may remain all winter on nesting territory.