Aint Going Down ‘Til The Sun Comes Up


Shortly before sunrise, the full moon sets over the Current […]

The Waning Moon

And like a dying lady, lean and pale,

Who totters forth, […]

Dancin’ Through the Milky Way

There are many advantages to living here in the Ozarks (and a few disadvantages, too—I’m looking at you, CenturyLink, you and  your crappy broadband), but there’s one that most folks who live here never consider. In a world filled with light pollution, we still have dark skies, at least over large swathes of the Ozarks.


Celestial Hunter

Winter is, realistically, a couple of months away. Most of our trees still have their leaves, now in their party colors for one last hurrah before surrendering to the inevitable. And yet, if you happen to be outside before sunrise, you’ll find the constellation that I most associate with the winter sky, riding high in the […]

Mercury Rising

Following up on my last astronomy-related post, Bailey did indeed drag me out of bed early last Sunday morning (10/11). By 6:00 a.m., I was set up next to the east bound lane of Highway 60, about 2 miles east of Fremont. This is where the highway crosses the top of a tall ridge, providing a […]