Patrick Bridge, The Fishy Follow-up

Since this is part 3, let’s recap one last time. Dayna and I, along with our friend Tricia, were paddling on the lower North Fork White River. Stopping below Patrick Bridge Access, I hit the water looking to photograph fish, primarily Duskystripe Shiners, of which I found plenty. Unfortunately, the water wasn’t as clear as I’d […]

Freckles on the Huzzah

Huzzah Conservation Area is located in Crawford County, northeast of Steelville.  Within it’s 6,225 acres you can find a mile of Courtois Creek, a half mile of Huzzah Creek and 2 1/2 miles of the Meramec River.  Factor in the presence of Onondaga Cave State Park directly across the river and you have some prime real […]

Short Bend


The Short Bend in question is, of course, MDC’s […]

North Fork White River III

Wrapping up the North Fork trip, Billy and I left the North Fork Recreation Area and headed west to Bryan Creek and Rippee Conservation Area.  RCA is a gorgeous Missouri Department of Conservation owned area at the confluence of Rippee and Bryant Creeks.  I wasn’t going to get back into my now clammy wetsuit, so we […]

North Fork White River II

OK, picking up where we left off last time, moving upstream out of the pool and into the run below the landing, I started finding darters.  At first, it was a few Rainbows but then the Banded Darters (Etheostoma zonale) made an appearance.