Otter Slough I: Raptors

Last Friday, finally, was a respite from this interminable winter, a ray of light in the perpetual gloom that March should have left with February. The promise of sunshine and warmth was irresistible; I knew I was getting out, it was just a matter of choosing a destination. I still had Snow Geese on my mind […]

The Bard’s Bird

I’m sure everyone knows the story. A group of Shakespeare fans, wanting to bring to the United States every bird mentioned by the Bard, released about a hundred Starlings in Brooklyn in the early 1890s. Now there are an estimated 200 million of them in North America, making Starlings one of the most abundant birds […]

A Comet’s Tale

Last weekend, the comet PanSTARRS became visible to those of us in the northern hemisphere for the first time. The comet would be low on the western horizon, visible shortly after sunset. It was expected to be a first magnitude object, about as bright as the stars in the Big Dipper, and visible to the naked […]

Copperheads and Tails

Uh oh, scary dangerous snake, yes? That’s how most […]

Cockleburs and Rubyspots

Note: this is the first of two posts based on photos that I uploaded to the site last October, just before one of my extended absences from posting. 

In my continued search for all things crayfish, last October found me on the Black River, at the Bradley Hammer Conservation Area just south of Williamsville. I was […]