A Pair of Ladies

Early in May, after a morning spent photographing forest birds in the Mark Twain National Forest, I was thinking of calling it a day and heading home. Then it occurred to me—the Yellow Lady’s Slippers (Cypripedium parviflorum) should be in bloom. And I knew just where to find them, less than a five minute drive from […]

Caterpillars of the Fall

Today is the 15th straight day of absolutely beautiful weather here in the Ozarks.  With nearly cloudless skies, temperatures have been climbing up around to 80° during the day and dropping to 50° or so at night.  The next two days look to break the string with a chance of rain each day and cooler temperatures […]

What Lurks in the Night? II

Some more denizens of the night that came to the black light and stayed until daylight, starting with the moths:


What Lurks in the Night?

It was very warm tonight, into the 70s, which well above normal for April in the Ozarks. It had the insects out though so I decided to hang the black light and leave it out over night. These were still present this morning and I’ve labeled all of them that I have managed to […]