Orconectes No More

A few months ago, I allowed the USGS to use some of my crayfish photos on their invasive species site. I recently went to see the page where one of those photos was used and was shocked, shocked I tell you.

Instead of Orconectes luteus, the page was titled Faxonius luteus. WTF? How could USGS use the wrong name for a crayfish? I was about to send them a nasty-gram with that very question when I noticed […]

A Day Adorned in Monochrome

A light rain fell, not enough to help with the ongoing drought, but enough to get you wet if you didn’t have enough sense to stay out of it. A stiff wind made the forty-degree temperature feel like thirty and swells roiled the surface of Fellows Lake, an 850-acre impoundment on the Little Sac River, five […]

Mr. Cooper’s Hawk

This past week, the same day I photographed the Brown Creepers in my last post, I was headed home after work, when my good karma paid off. Just before my turn, I saw this on the roadside.


Jeepers. It’s the Creeper!

While we’re still on the subject of nemesis birds, I’d like to mention another: the Brown Creeper. Creepers winter here and they’re reasonably common, but until recently, I was without a halfway acceptable photo of one.

They’re not especially wary and will generally let you approach, but they never stop moving, the way they cling to a […]

Nemesis II

Day 2 of the Great Oklahoma Rough-Legged Hawk Expedition got off to an inauspicious start when we overslept by an hour. The only thing that really cost us though, was seeing the police arrest the “crazy woman” in the lobby, at least according to the desk clerk. I’m sorry we missed it; a little excitement to […]