Warbler Quest: III

After spending a weekend trying to photograph all eighteen species of warblers that breed in the Ozarks, I found myself four species short of my goal. I had missed two “easy” birds—Common Yellowthroat and Prairie Warbler—along with the two I would consider the most difficult: Yellow and Swainson’s Warblers. Swainson’s are limited to a narrow habitat […]

Warbler Quest: II

To recap my last post, I had managed in the course of a day to inadvertently photograph 9 of the 18 warblers that breed in the Ozarks. Halfway home, I decided to make a concerted effort to find and photograph the remaining nine and quickly formulated a plan.

The first stop was easy: my yard. I have […]

Warbler Quest: I

There are eighteen species of wood warblers that breed in the Ozarks. Most are common and widespread, but the Swainson’s is both few in number and restricted to a very particular habitat. A couple of the others aren’t necessarily easy to find either. After photographing half of those species in the course of a Saturday back […]