Dragons and Slayers of Dragons

Having survived my encounter with the tree described in my last post, I drove on down to the lake.  Lofton Lake is located just past the end of M Highway about 8 miles north of Van Buren and within the boundary of the park (ONSR.)  At normal levels, the lake is roughly 5 acres but with […]

Which one is the male?

I don’t actually know […]

The Darters are blooming

I had planned to go snorkeling a couple of weekends ago.  Several of the darters that occur in the area were coming into their breeding colors, I’d ordered a farmer john wetsuit and jacket and they had arrived on the UPS truck as promised on Friday.  Then things started to go south. The wetsuit and […]

What Lurks in the Night? II

Some more denizens of the night that came to the black light and stayed until daylight, starting with the moths:


Around the yard...

A few minutes spent wandering about the yard turned up a freshly bloomed Flowering Dogwood (Cornus florida,)