Bleeding Shiner in Colored Pencil

Well, I feel like utter crap today and I got nothing. But I don’t want to miss my weekend post, so…


Patrick Bridge, The Fishy Follow-up

Since this is part 3, let’s recap one last time. Dayna and I, along with our friend Tricia, were paddling on the lower North Fork White River. Stopping below Patrick Bridge Access, I hit the water looking to photograph fish, primarily Duskystripe Shiners, of which I found plenty. Unfortunately, the water wasn’t as clear as I’d […]

Photographing Fish

I’ve been trying to come up with a method of photographing fish so that they look natural or as close to it as possible. Since I don’t want to drop the money for an expensive underwater setup, some kind of aquarium seemed to be the way to go.

Looking around at Home Depot, I […]