OK, my “vacation” is over

and it’s time to get back to posting. If there’s anyone out there actually reading this, I apologize for my long absence. As the days got longer and warmer last spring, I kept spending more and more time outdoors. This naturally left less and less time doing inside things like, y’know, writing blog posts.

But now it’s December and the short days and cold weather are finally catching up with me. I’m still spending most of my free daytime hours outdoors, but the long evenings do provide an opportunity for posting, I’ve just been avoiding it. I have several months worth of photos and adventures to fuel future posts and, well, I just hope you like crayfish.

2 comments to OK, my “vacation” is over

  • martha ruhe

    I “sort of” like crayfish, yes.

    On another note, I wonder—when was the last time a woodpecker landed on YOUR head?

  • Dan

    Hi Martha,

    How’re things in PA? Thanks for the comments – I don’t think anyone else visits this site, so it’s nice to hear from someone other than the spammers.

    I can’t say that I’ve ever had a woodpecker land on my head. Chickadee yes, woodpecker no. Did that really happen to you? If it did, it begs the question: what does your head look like to a woodpecker? 🙂

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