Fogged up

I was on Highway KK in northern Shannon County, heading from Akers back to Highway 19. A series of powerful thunderstorms had pounded the area overnight and the local streams were all flash flooding, a couple of them dramatically so.

But now the storms were gone, the sun was shining and things were looking up. I noticed a […]

Hillside Warbler

We arrived early at Buck Hollow on the Jacks Fork, too early really. The river valley is so steep and narrow that it takes a while for the morning sunshine to really make its way into play. We parked at the restrooms and walked down the road towards the canoe landing. The birds, of course, were […]

I’m still here.

I just took two years off to try my hand at minor league baseball. Oh, wait. That wasn’t me, that was some other guy. I’ve been here all along, still going out regularly, looking for plants and critters and photographing them, just not writing anything. Along with my usual proclivity towards laziness and procrastination, I’ve had […]