Paruline à ailes bleues

A male Blue-winged Warbler, photographed back in July at Ozark Riverways’ Big Tree primitive campground. I would have thought that this late in the summer the breeding season would be nearing its end, or at least well past its peak. But he was still singing his heart out, if you can call the buzzing sound a Blue-winged Warbler makes a song. They’re still one of my favorite birds, a tiny, but less-than-shy blast of yellow in the green monotony of their favored habitat. They’re gone now, back to the Caribbean and Central America where they will spend the winter months. See you guys next spring! Watch out for hurricanes!

I had planned to put up another astronomy related post today—I have two in the works, but I haven’t managed to get either past the rough draft stage—so you get a quick bird post instead. Maybe this weekend…

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